Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Visibility: Re-Vamp II

My last re-vamp of the visibility/to-hit system was interesting, but it didn't work out in testing. I'm taking another go at it though. Keeping in mind Ryjak & Eriochrome's suggestions, I've eliminated 2 levels of visibility, axed all range bands beyond the first, and instead instituted standardized Evasion modifiers at long range, based on terrain. With straight modifiers for shooting & GtG, but not running.

Here's the old table:

And here's the new one:

First, we're doing away with unit-specific Awareness (Aw), and standardizing it across all units instead. Your Awareness is your short range, which is modified by what kind of terrain your target is standing in. If a target is within your Aw, then it's considered to be 'Visible'.

Visible targets are always hit on a straight BS vs. Ev test. Units falling back will have to attempt to reach concealment from all visible enemy units. So this tidies up that rule/concept nicely by clearly defining what is visible, and what isn't.

If a unit is not 'Visible', then you can still shoot at it. But there will be a standard modifier applied based on terrain. All area terrain or walls will be 'Concealing' by default. For woods or similar things with height, they'll be 'Hiding'.

There's a standard Ev penalty for having shot, and a standard bonus for Going To Ground.

This table sums it up for Guard vs. Guard shooting:

Where you see a '7+', this indicates a '6+6' shot.

Here's the table for Knight Legios shooting at Guard:

We would probably go ahead and add 6" of Aw for every 1-2 inches of elevation a model has.


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