Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Find Me A Word For This!

I need a good word for a concept, and I'm coming up blank. Help!

Right now 'Hidden' is one of 3 levels of 'Concealment'. But I need to re-purpose 'Hidden' to refer to what I have been calling 'Free Gone To Ground'. To differentiate the can't-see-something-behind-a-hill-or-wall-beyond-awareness-range rule from the choice a unit can make to hide. The effects are equal to GtG, but the rules for lifting the effect are different.

'Hidden' = Unit can't be seen because it's behind something that hides it for free.
'Gone To Ground' = Unit can't be seen because it's choosing to hide.
Which is all fine and good, but what do we call that third level of 'Concealment'? The natural fit is 'Concealed', but then 'Concealed' is a level of 'Concealment'. Which is potentially quite confusing. I could change 'Concealment' to simple 'Visibility', but that term already refers to the process of finding out if a target is visible or not. Of which the target's 'Concealment' is one sub-part.


I either need a new word for 'Concealment' as a grouping of levels, or I need a replacement for 'Concealed'.

'Cover', as a replacement for 'Concealment' comes to mind. But is there something better? It doesn't quite seem to fit. Maybe we could pull something from another language.


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