Thursday, June 6, 2013

Rules: Line of Sight (Ver. 0.57)

Here it is at last! Eleven pages (including 22 photos/diagrams) of LoS rules. Each of which has been worked, and re-worked so that they're all consistent with one another.

I've been 'almost' done with them for about 2 weeks now, but every time I thought I was close to completion, I thought of something else that had to be accounted for. Which required that change to ripple across ALL of the rules after some time to think about it. Which is why I didn't dribble these pages out 1-2  at a time for comment. Or we'd till be arguing about page 3. :)

Anyway, here's the PDF:

(Sorry Eriochrome. It's too big, and has too many pics/diagrams, to reformat as copy-pasted text here.)

Anyway, the important part about these rules is how the visibility level of a model is determined. But... I've not yet defined what the visibility terms mean in conjunction with these specific rules, and the previous stuff I've written will likely change as I match it up with these new rules.

So don't get too hung up on what it means to be 'obscured', 'concealed', or 'hidden' just yet. Just know that each level is better than the one before it, and see if you can spot any problems with how those levels are determined during a game.

My primary worry is that the opening FoV stuff is too complicated. But I also think it's essential to good, tactical play. Been back and forth on it a few times, taking it out, and then putting it back in. So let's see what everyone thinks of it before I mess around with it any more. I'm sick of making new diagrams for it.


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