Friday, January 3, 2014

In A Nutshell: The Colser
The O_N train's picking up steam now! Here's the rulebook fluff for the Colserans! Remember to comment: I know you're out there, I can see your pageviews!

The Dream
The Colser are the oldest civilization still extant in the galaxy today, stretching back through time and space all the way to the heart of the galaxy. Their technology has long since advanced to the point where they could abandon the dull work of logistics and manufacturing to the machines, freeing them to pursue art and pleasure at their leisure. With their near-mystical technology, no feat is beyond the Colser; they can transform thier bodies as easily as they change clothes, conjure lightning out of the ether with a wave of their hand (and the assistance of thousands of nanomachines), and reshape the surface of entire worlds. Freed from petty material concerns, the Colser live lives of endless leisure and perfect freedom in an ever-changing world of their collective creation. Since its birth, the Colser has spread across the galaxy, bringing their lives of prosperity and freedom to thousands of species across the galaxy.

The Catch
Of course, the problem with an system of endless wealth and constant change is that the change is limited by the imaginations of those living within the system, and their mostly shared array of experiences and cultural touchstones. One can only affix neo- and post- to an artistic movement so many times before it starts to go stale, after all. The Colser was in desperate need of something new to break the monotony. Humanity provided that novelty: a whole new species to bring into the fold of proper culture! And a star-spanning one at that! Humanity's resistance to their civilizing overtures only brought more novelty; it gave the Colser something to do, something to focus their culture on. Humanity's resistance soon became the talk of society, the latest developments in the cultural crusade echoing from lips across Colseran space. The wide variety of popular bodies rapidly gave way to idealized humanoid forms, set above humans by their inhuman grace and pointed ears; living examples of the graces of civilized space.

Polites and Enders
As humankind's resistance grew more entrenched, however, some amongst the Colser began to grow dissatisfied. If the humans were too blinded by their own ignorance to see the benefits of integrating into civilized society, they would simply have to scare them into joining! These Colser, called 'Enders' after their desire to quickly end the drawn-out process of 'uplifting' humanity, shunned the honeyed words and elegant forms of their fellows, who they dubbed the 'Polites', in favor of brutal action and grotesque forms patterned after the primal fears of humanity.

The Colser At 'War'
The deep-seated resistance of mankind to the Colser has left the Colser in a state of perpetual warfare. The individual members, of course, barely feel the sting of war at all, except in the occasional three second delay in the fulfillment of their wishes. After all, strategic combat is the sort of task best left to the machines! And yet, despite this, the Colser occasionally find themselves involved in their war. Sometimes this involvement is fleeting; an idle boast about defeating an entire human army leads to the commission of 100,000 clones and their unleashing upon an unsuspecting border world. At other times the connection is more enduring; a weaponsmith tests his latest work of art in the cauldron of war or a performance artist carves a trail of resplendent explosions across the battlefield. But all of these engagements have one thing in common: for the Colser involved they are simple things, without risk or gravitas. For the Colser, war is but a game...
A game which has wormed its way into hearts and minds across the Colser, perhaps, but a game nonetheless.

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