Monday, October 6, 2014


Could it be? Is it true? Oh yeah baby! Shooting is DONE!!!

Behold! The last two pages! Wherein we learn about toughness bonuses for hard cover, destroying buildings/obstacles, and how to split a unit's fire.

Simplifying the rules for building section and obstacle destruction required a few tweaks to previous items.

First, the mobility chart from the movement section had to be modified. So that Impassible terrain can't be entered, but can be exited at 1/2 movement (to smooth exiting from destroyed building sections).

Second, the Building Armor (above) and Toughness (page 70 above) charts got modified to include descriptions of different types of obstacles.


The Melee section is next, and I'm really looking forward to it. Why? Well, because it's already been written once, and just has to be modified to fit into the new initiative system. Unlike the Shooting chapter, which was always inherently more complicated, and which had never been fully finalized in written form before.

So ya know... YEAH!!! Over the hump baby!

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