Saturday, November 29, 2014

Introduction of 'Melee Groups'

Sorry for the extended hiatus from posting, but things got pretty nutty these last few weeks. The whole family got hit with the entrovirus that's been going around the American Midwest. Which resulted in my getting Bronchitis, and my wife having scary complications that sent her to the ER and several doctors. So I was taking care of her even as I was recovering from sinus surgery myself (Ick). Then my parents' storage unit got flooded by a burst pipe and I had to go clean it out for them. Which was a circus unto itself that took me two days to recover from.

But the kids have finally stopped coughing, I'm feeling like myself again, Mrs. SandWyrm is sleeping decently once more, and the Thanksgiving holiday obligations are now past. So back to writing rules!

Today's post is a redo of the last couple of pages I published. The big change is that I've introduced the concept of 'Melee Groups' to solve the issue of how to resolve the combat of one unit against 2 or more other units. Without abstracting the whole thing so much that casualties get pulled too far from where they're actually caused.


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