Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Melee Section Is Done: Part 3

Here's the last two pages of the Melee Section. Please check it over carefully!

I had originally been planning to work on the End Phase section next, but I've decided that it's not necessary. All that I really need to do is add an item (burning terrain rolls) to the Starting Phase and that's good to go. Everything else that I had been planning on putting in the Ending Phase is there in the Starting Phase already.

Currently, I'm writing the chapter introduction to the Turn Phases. After that I'll probably go through the obstacle/building rules and decide whether to wrap them into one "Advanced Rules" section, or treat them separately.

Testing-wise, the obstacle rules are essential, while the building rules could wait a little bit. I'm really wanting to work on vehicles (got a nice new tank recently), but that's not necessary for initial testing at all.


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