Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Infantry Weapon Stats Are Done

Wow! It's not every day that I spend all morning answering comments and shooting emails back and forth about the project. That last post of mine really generated some energy!

Anyway, I've finished stat-ing out all of our initial infantry weapons for the game. These lists don't include every weapon we'll ever have, and not every unit will have access to the stuff you see in these lists, but it gives us a starting good point.

First up, all the weapons that aren't thrown at the enemy:

Then the thrown grenades and bombs:

As for Ordnance Weapons (or whatever we'll call them), I haven't done much with them since we lack any rules for the vehicles to carry them.

But... I have just ordered this pose-able Gundam model:

And CaulynDarr has ordered this one:

So it's a safe bet that we'll be cooking up some walker rules/weapons for them soon. :)


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