Tuesday, April 21, 2015

A WarStrike Faction Census: Part I

Sorry for the long delays in posting. Been busy with taxes/insurance for my parents, the kids and wife have been sick, and I fell down something of a rabbit hole last week researching Scientology. I swear, the deeper you dig, the more batshit-crazy evil crap that you find on them. Such as a dying woman being eaten alive by cockroaches while being kept in isolation to "cure" a psychotic break. I. Kid. You. Not.

Anyway, while working on a glossary of Church of Mowen (ChoM) terms, and working out a basic structure of 'beliefs' for the Fidelis, I had to figure out how many Prophets there are running around in our universe. Which required O_N and I to work out the population of the Republic as a whole, and then I started breaking down that population (and that of the other factions) by stellagraphic region. Here's what I've come up with.

Republic Population Numbers
You may notice (hint hint fluff team) that I'm defining 11 stellagraphic regions, plus the Crown of Centaurus ring-world, which has a population as large (or larger) than 5 of the Republic's regions all by itself. That should roughly break down into the territories of the 12 major houses.

"The Bridge" is the point between the Sol Cluster, and the Eastern Cluster, where the map narrows to a very small (but still light-years wide) point where the two regions touch.

Note that the Republic doesn't count the Gruin as being human anymore, so the extra non-Republic humans in the count above are Fallen. But first we'll look at the Church.

ChoM Membership Numbers
As you can see here, ChoM has a bit less than half of the population of the Republic (mostly east of the Bridge) on its rolls. Although only a little more than half of them are regular attendees.

The Fidelis (our ChoM cross between Scientology and the Masons, with a pinch of Mormonism) is only a little more than a fifth the size of the active congregation at large. With a Prophet-to-Fidelis ratio of 10,000:1, that gives us 116.5 Billion clones Republic-wide.

Fallen Population Numbers

And here's the breakdown for the Fallen, which are collections of human kingdoms that either side with the Colserans, or which simply refused to join the Republic at its founding.

Colseran Population Numbers

Then we finally get to the relatively small numbers of the Colserans, the vast majority of whom never leave the comforts of their worlds and orbitals within the Nova Colseram. But that still leaves billions of them running around the main conflict areas. There's even a few million of them sneaking around the Rhone Cluster on the far side of Republic Space.

But then we get to what keeps the Republic's leadership awake at night...

Genii Population Numbers

Yes, there are 1.8 Quintillion Sentient Genii, and who knows how many non-sentient drones, that potentially pose an unstoppable strategic threat to the Republic. Better hope those selfish Colserans keep them all busy remodeling their private orbitals.

Edit: And yes, the Colserans out in the Rhone Cluster don't have many Genii around at all. Self-sufficent and stubborn lot out there at the periphery.

Stay tuned for the Gruin and Turids...


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