Sunday, May 24, 2015

Assaults: Dog Pile, or One Unit at a Time?

So based on our last conversation about how assault should work, I have another question for everyone to ponder. Should assaults happen one unit/charge at a time, or should all of the charging be done before blows are struck?

Option 1: The Dog Pile

Over the last week, I've been putting together a ridiculously detailed outline of our final turn sequence. Here's what I've got, based on the assault feedback everyone gave me:

1) Starting Phase

Leadership checks, "Did I win?", reserve rolls, etc. Pretty much as before.

2) Movement Phase

Units are selected in initiative order (lowest to highest), and may Hold, Advance, Fall Back, or Enter Overwatch.

3) Shooting Phase (or maybe "Action Phase"?)

Units are selected in reverse initiative order (highest to lowest), and may Shoot, Hold, Run, Declare an Assault, or Fall Back.

Units which declare an assault are not actually moved in this phase, their status is simply marked with a counter.

4) Overwatch Phase

Units in Overwatch may now fire in reverse initiative order. Because of the way Initiative works, this potentially lets Overwatch-ing units fire at units that ran, declared an assault, or Fell Back. Whereas they may not have had a shot in the normal Shooting Phase.

5) Assault Phase

This is where each unit actually charges into close-combat, in reverse-initiative order. If a unit that declared an assault has already been charged, then it can only consolidate into combat.

6) The Close-Combat Phase

This is where the actual blows are struck. Within each "Combat Group" of interlocking units, each unit is selected to fight in reverse-initiative order. After each unit has fought, then the losing side takes a test, and if they fail, their 50%+ units Fall Back with an extra D6 inches, and the under-50% units are simply destroyed.

There would be no fire-assist option for close-by units, as my thinking was that

That's the first option, which I'm calling the dog-pile, because everyone piles in and swings. But while I've worked it out in great detail, I'm thinking about another option with one less Phase to worry about.

Option 2: One Charge At A Time, With Help

This option would keep the Starting, Movement, Shooting, and Overwatch phases as-is, but there would be only one Assault Phase. In this Phase, each unit (in reverse-initiative order from highest to lowest) would assault (move, and then fight/shoot) one at a time.

Now I very much dislike this kind of piecemeal assault system in Flames, so I'm thinking that instead of every other assaulting unit waiting for their turn to rush in (meaning that a stronger defender can simply beat them down one at a time), we incorporate the fire-assist idea that was brought up from Epic Armageddon.

So the first attacking unit assaults, and any other friendly units within 6" of them can either hang back for their turn, or fire into the unit that was targeted for the charge by the first assaulting unit. Once they fire, they will then lose the ability to assault themselves.

Any defending units that declared an assault may fire into the attacking units if they are within 6" of the targeted unit.


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