Thursday, January 14, 2016

Tweak For How Pinned Units Can Move

My original intention had been that pinned (initiative zero) units wouldn't be able to move at all, unless they were able to scrounge up an initiative point so that they could charge (normal move distance) in the Action Phase. But...

While playing an infantry-on-infantry game of Flames last night, I learned something that I hadn't known before (because I very rarely play infantry). Pinned units are allowed to move, but they can't move closer to the enemy while doing so (the rules are more intricate than that, but you get the idea).

So that got me thinking, as I wanted a pinned unit to be able to do something akin to a traditional double-movement fall-back/rout move as you would see in 40K or old versions of WHFB. But under the rules I posted a few days ago, they would only be able to move half that at best.

Well, here's my fix. Pinned units can advance, but they can't move closer to a visible enemy unit, even if that unit wasn't visible to them before they moved. Which is less restrictive than Flames btw, where a pinned unit can't move into LoS of an enemy unit at all.

Then, they'll have the choice of (if they find some cover) holding their fire to gain an initiative point, or charging further and remaining at zero. And yes, I'm not limiting where they can charge. So they can do a heroic kamikaze run at an enemy that gets too close if they want to.


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