Thursday, March 31, 2016

Weapons Section: Last 2 Pages

Here ya go... The last 2 pages of the Weapons Section.

Right now it's in the Basics chapter, but since a lot of these rules need to override the standard shooting rules, I'll probably move it to a spot between the Action and Melee Phases. While the Observation rules will probably get moved to between the Movement and Action Phases.

As for what's next...

I need to start work on a section called "Beginning a Game", to show how the basic mission setup works. Which will also double as our first test mission.

I also need to make some edits here and there based on stuff I thought of while working on the weapons. One of which is changing the "Leadership" stat to "Willpower". Since that stat will be getting used a couple of different ways now and in the future. Leadership then would just be one type of test that you make on your Willpower, just as Grit Checks are another. Hacking and TechnoMage checks would also test and compare Willpower.


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