Sunday, July 10, 2016

New Quick Reference Guide & Test Units

I accidentally posted these over to The Back 40K, but here they are on the proper blog for posterity. :)

What I said there:
"It's been a month of craziness, what with Cub Scout camps, a family wedding, and my 3rd Sinus surgery just this past week. But I did get to meet (thanks to Farmpunk) a cool guy named Stephen McCormick who's just moved to Indy, and who's already started a miniature game company with some of his friends from various parts of Indiana and Illinois. 
They have a Sci-Fi skirmish game called "Seer" that's close to beginning its Kickstarter, and we're in early talks about merging their efforts and ours into a single company with a shared fictional universe between the two games. 
To that end, I needed to run a demo game for one of their designers yesterday at NerdCon in Robinson, IL (I'll be running more in the next few weeks). So I worked up the quick reference sheet above, and some test unit stats that I'll post next.
Working up this Quick Reference took 2 days, and as I attempted to do a complete overview of the game on just two pages, I found myself making major and minor changes to the game as whole to reduce complexity. 
The high points are: 
  • Un-Openable building rules will be eliminated entirely. If you can't put a model inside a building, it's impassible.
  • Initiative will continue to be tracked with D6's, but we're moving back to using D10's for all tests. Which was prompted by practical concerns over stat comparisons between very low and mid-range numbers. All cover modifiers will remain the same, it's just that impossible rolls become less common.
The demo went very well, BTW, but I'll get into that later."

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