Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Demo Minis Are Ready!

It was a slog, and I'll be doing a little more work on these after Gencon to brighten them up for use in the rulebook. But I got 49 test minis, for two opposing test forces, done to better-than-tabletop quality in just 10 days. With fully flocked (and bottom-felted) solid-resin bases that aren't going to slip off of whatever terrain they're placed on.

Not a single one of these were made by GW BTW. I bought them last year from the excellent Anvil Industry. Which is why they have all of that cool extra detail. Like equipment harnesses, night vision gear, etc. I really love these figs!

If you like the look of them too, head on over to the AI site and check out what they have. It won't put any money in my pocket if you buy from them. But they did give us permission to use their minis in the WarStrike rulebook. So it would be great to send some additional business their way. Especially since I really do like their clean resin sculpts. They have FAR more detail on them than similar GW minis.

Parallel to these, I've also been 3D printing my own blast templates. One of which you can see in the shot above. I'll take some more pictures after I'm done packing, and during the show.

Next up will be shooting some photos of these figs for the stat cards, and getting the rest of the test materials packed and ready.


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