Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Lascannon Idea

Here's an idea I have for a reworked Lascannon mechanic. You guys can tell me what you think of it.

So in the 40K universe, lasers are just fancy guns. Even in the fluff they're described as making popping/barking noises and sending discrete bolts of energy across the battlefield. Much like in Star Wars, they just look like regular solid shot guns with bright lights coming out of them.

But in reality, lasers don't fire as bolts. They fire as continuous beams.

You can focus them on one spot to burn through something, or...

...you can sweep them across an area, to do damage to everything in the beam's path.

So how about this for a mechanic:

A lascannon would be defined as say... 4 dice at strength 3. You roll to hit as normal.

The interesting thing is the effect. If you want to sweep the beam across a squad, you would say each die represents a hit on one model. So if you hit with 3 of the 4 dice, you'll do 3 S3 hits to the squad.

But, if you decide to concentrate the beam, you can add those dice together so that you do 1 S9 hit to a tank or monstrous creature.

What do you think?

Keep in mind, complexity-wise, that we'll probably be getting rid of the saving throw in favor of wrapping armor into toughness. So we'll have to differentiate our weapons in some way other than just STR and AP. Because AP won't apply.


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