Monday, October 3, 2011

Wrap Up: Our Marine Strategy

Space Marine. Tony Lewin
The general consensus seems to be that our "Space Marines" (or whatever we end up calling them) should be, if anything, more elite and heroic than they are now. Falling in power somewhere between the so-called "Movie Marines" and their current 40K power level. In short, they should be a hard-hitting shock force that must concentrate it's power in order to win. If they spread out and lose focus, they will die.

By necessity, this will mean upping their stats, abilities, reliability, and points costs. It will also mean upgrading their vehicles to something more than paper-thin AV11-equivalents. There was also a lot of support for making them far more customizable than they are now. With the ability to ignore many of the rules that will limit the other races.

They might, for example, be very resistant to pinning. Or able to split their squads mid-game. Or be able to move and fire heavy weapons. Or be able to see normally in night missions. Etc.

It's been noted that their power in other games (Epic, Battle Fleet Gothic) is offset by a lack of long-range firepower. So they're a force that needs to get in close. That seems like a sound design decision to me.

As for the Chaos Marines, there seemed to be a consensus that these are the bad guys of the game. So they should be even fewer in number, but more powerful/experienced. They won't get all the toys of the "good" Marines, but they'll instead come with a proper accompaniment of slaves, lesser daemons, and whatnot. As befitting proper "bad guys", they should sacrifice some of their own in order to use some of their more powerful Daemonic toys.

Sounds good to me. :)

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