Saturday, September 15, 2012

Test Army Assembly: The Laans Force

The Final Push through the Rumayiah Oil Field, Mario Acevedo
Sandwyrm here. I couldn't go to the store and do another round of testing with CaulynDarr today because of a nasty cold. But the postal service did show up with the 2 Dark Vengeance box sets that I traded Hulksmash for. So I started assembling proper M42 test forces from them.

Here's the Republic Laansarmie force. Which represents about the right size, to me, for a typical mixed Knight/Guard army in M42.

I might add in another squad of 2 autocannons and a sergeant if I have enough weapon team bits to give them to both sides. They and the assault cannon Terminator model would be the primary Knight-Killers at range.

I'm working on the Fallen mirror-force to this one (both will have same stats/weapons for now) using the DV Chaos troops. Which will take a bit longer to do because I have to assemble all of the regular infantry.

Does this look about in terms of force scale? This is 28 models (31 with an AC squad), and I'm picturing horde armies being 60-80 models.

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