Saturday, February 9, 2013

Some Snap Fire & Awareness Ideas

I'm working on updating the Action Phase rules. So I want to run some ideas past you guys to see if they sound interesting/viable.

Snap Fire

Right now Snap Fire is the generic term for any shots that are not done at a weapon's full Rate of Fire.

Is the unit moving? Then they Snap Fire. Which means 1/2 RoF, rounded down, with normal BS. Some special rules then modify Snap Fire. Like Pistols, which ignore it for Advance actions, and can Snap Fire during an At The Double action.

To the standard 1/2 RoF, I'd also like to degrade a unit's Awareness (Aw) range by 1/2. Possibly with a general 6" bump to the Awareness of most units. Also possibly with a 'round up' rule for the RoF reduction instead of 'round down'.

So a unit of LaansGuard right now would have a normal Awareness of 12" standing still, and a moving Aw of 6". The split for Knights would currently be 18"/9". Adding 6" to both would result in an 18"/9" split for the Guard, and a 24"/12" split for the Knights.

Why do this? Well, I feel like there should be an Awareness advantage to standing still over moving. The other reason is that it allows Defensive Fire (and potentially Close-Combat fire) to simply follow the normal Snap Fire rules. With the caveat that you can only DF within your unit's Aw. So currently that would limit LaansGuard defensive fire to 6". While other units could contribute shots from further away (like a unit positioned on a hill that boosts their Aw).

It also opens up some interesting possibilities for special rules:


Units with the Recon rule (such as a hover-drone) would get a pre-game advance move. That way they could take up a position, have normal Aw, and prevent Ambushers (not implemented yet) from popping out within their Aw. Or fire at a unit and make it targetable if it isn't already.

Limited Vision

You're a LaansKnight in fully-enclosed armor? 1/2 Aw to your rear arc my friend. The current turning limitation could simply be reduced to: "you can't turn to face targets that aren't in your Aw range."

So flank that Knight!

There's other possibilities too. But I want to see what the general reaction to these ideas is.

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