Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Shooting Tidbits

Gun 1982, Andy Warhol
Here are some neat ideas that are occurring to me as I work on restructuring the chapters.

Firing 'Modes'

I'm thinking that there should be 3 firing 'modes' in the game. Right now we have normal firing, which uses the unit's full RoF; and Snap Firing (when moving). Which reduces the RoF by half (rounded down).

That's pretty much the Flames of War standard. But it feels clunky, and is a bit hard to remember. What about RoF1 units? Flames requires them to add another -1 to hit instead of halving their RoF (which would be impossible). Which is a rule that I dislike conceptually.

So here's something simpler in concept that I'm thinking of:
  • Normal Firing: Full RoF, No Re-Rolls
  • Snap Firing: Full RoF, Re-Roll Hits
  • Focus Firing: Full RoF, Re-Roll Misses
Units that don't move would be able to Focus-Fire.
Walking units shoot normally.
Running units may only Snap-Fire (with exceptions for pistols, as now)

It would mean rolling dice again (slowing the game). But it wouldn't require any mental arithmetic (speeding it back up again). 

Here's what the probabilities look like:

Running Units

The solution to the whole 'what to do about running units and evasion' thing hit me today.

Running units don't benefit from soft cover.

Simple. Easy. Logical. They're just hit on a straight BS vs. Evasion unless they're behind something solid. Then they're hit with Evasion modifiers as normal.

Up close running would make little if any difference to a unit's evasion, as you're likely to be within Awareness anyway. But further away (outside Aw), it's going to hurt them to give away their position.


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