Monday, August 19, 2013

Where We're At

Man Writing, Oliver Ray
With Gencon going on this past week, I haven't been able to do much in the way of writing specific rules. But I was able to do some higher-level work on their order/structure. Particularly after I realized that the targeting rules really needed their own section. One distinct from the actual shooting rules. This resulted in a flurry of chapter/section re-arrangement, after which I settled on the following order for everything done to date. Which also allows us all to see where we're at in terms of getting the game's first draft done.

Chapter 1: Introduction
  1. The Third Age of Mankind (Fluffy Intro)
  2. Welcome To WarStrike!
There will be other sections here eventually, covering our project history, goals, and a "How to Participate" write-up. The 'Third Age' intro is still too sketchy to share yet. :)

Chapter 2: The Basics
  1. What You'll Need To Play
  2. Rolling Dice
  3. Models, Units, & Strike Forces
  4. Terrain
  5. Measuring Distances
  6. Unit Characteristics
  7. Comparative Tests
  8. Leadership & Suppression
  9. The Turn Sequence
This chapter is basically done for now. Though it will need some tweaking to things like Unit Characteristics section once shooting is completely written and worked out. There may also be some concepts that get pulled out of other sections and presented here later on.

Chapter 3: Targeting
  1. Visibility
  2. Hilltops
  3. Forward Defilades
  4. Area Terrain
  5. Woods
  6. Buildings
  7. Ruins
  8. Smoke
  9. Obstacles
  10. Compound Terrain
  11. Hard & Soft Cover
This one's done in terms of rules for now. Though it needs another pass to refine the wording of everything after I broke up what had been a long 11-page section into separate sub-sections.

Chapter 3: The Starting Phase
  1. Checking Strike Force Morale
  2. Checking Victory Conditions
  3. Rolling For Reserves
Needs some work, as the previous rules contained pieces that were later moved to the reaction phase.

Chapter 4: The Action Phase
  1. Action: Open Fire!
  2. Selecting A Target
  3. Declaring Firing Models
  4. Rolling Your Attacks
  5. Casualties & Suppression
  6. Action: Advance!
  7. Moving Infantry
  8. Action: At The Double!
  9. Action: Get Down!
  10. Actions: Fall Back! & Rally!
I've been wrestling for some time with what to do concerning the movement/shooting rules. Give them their own section? Incorporate them into the action phase descriptions? I've gone for the latter, which should hopefully make the whole shebang more natural to read through. Pulling out the targeting rules made that a lot more do-able than it otherwise would have been.

Chapter 5: The Reaction Phase
  1. Clearing Suppression
  2. Defensive Fire
Needs another rules pass to make sure everything is clean.

Chapter 6: The Close-Combat Phase
  1. Who's In Close-Combat?
  2. Attacker Consolidation
  3. The Close-Combat Cycle
  4. Winner Consolidation
Eriochrome is working on a new master outline for this chapter. I'm not going to touch it before then.

Chapter 7: The Missions
  1. General Mission Rules
  2. Meeting Engagement
  3. No Man's Land
  4. Broken Arrow
  5. Exfiltration
  6. Bridgehead
  7. Hostage Rescue
Right now these exist only as rough articles on the blog. They need formal rules write-ups. Anyone interested?

Chapter 8: The Factions
  1. The Colser
  2. The Imperial Republic
  3. The Fallen
  4. The Gruin
  5. The Turids
  6. The Genii
These sections are awaiting initial descriptions. I'm not sure where O_N is at on this.

Thoughts? Does the ordering look appropriate?

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