Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Action Phase Tweaks, Part 3

You'll have seen some of this before, but then I realized that I needed to work out the rules for Charging into/within buildings. So these pages got some new illustrations, and the charging rules will be finished up on the next page.

In other frustrations...

I don't think there's anything more annoying and needlessly time consuming than moving web domains from one provider to another. But Yahoo! is circling the drain fast, and so I had to finally take the half-a-day, because of the ridiculous slowness of the Yahoo! Aabacco DNS interface to get my domains the hell out of there, as I already had with my email service. 

Seriously... How to you even pronounce "Aabacco". Not to mention that if you leave out one of the leading 'A's, then you''ll wind up at a completely different business. Or that logging in takes you to "Luminate.com" which wouldn't even come up until I disabled my ad-tracking black-list. Or that every time you do something on the DNS control panel at all, the page refresh takes at least a full 2 minutes to come up. While every other page on the site comes up instantly. Classy.

When every domain provider out there has nice, detailed instructions for how to get your domain out of Yahoo!/Aabacco, then you know there's something wrong.

So anyhow, everything is now (finally) moved over to Google Domains, which works a hell of a lot better/faster than Yahoo! ever did. Plus they're integrated much better with a selection of 3rd-party web site creation tools. So suddenly the creation of a proper WarStrike website and forums in the near future seems a lot less daunting than it did before.

On the um... Bright Side... I've installed some more photographic lighting around the game table, so that pictures, battle reports, and how-to videos will look all that much nicer in the future. :)


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