Sunday, June 3, 2018

Putting Reserves In Their Places

Thought I'd check in with an update to what I've been doing with reserves. First up, we have a new page added to the "Setting Up A Game" section, which you can see above. It defines the four types of reserves, and how they're put into reserve in the first place.

Then we have a couple of revamped End Phase pages, where the rules now define how reserves come on (with a nice pretty chart too). Basically, you just place the leader in accordance with the reserve type, and they won't technically be on the table until they're selected in the Movement Phase.

THEN we have the rules for the Movement Phase, where the arriving reserve unit has to make an Advance or At The Double move from either the point on the table edge that the leader's base is touching, or from the center of the leader's base. This is basically how the unit deploys.

Notice also the new Overwatch rules, and how if arriving Ambushers only Advance during the movement phase, they get an Overwatch token and are then selected again so that they can shoot if they want to. The wording is careful here that there's a first selection, and then a second (so no infinite loops). Moving At The Double during the second selection is also forbidden, so that Ambushers don't get the option of a triple move.

Thoughts? There has to be a typo in there someplace. :)

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