Sunday, June 10, 2018

Movement Phase Changes

This phase was a real pain to edit. Between the rules-lawyer holes that Stelek found, the new rules for Overwatch and stunned models, the need to properly separate and interlock the new reserve rules across three different sections, AND the need to simplify the existing building/obstacle rules... This one's been a bear. Oh, and the illustrations are a lot more sci-fi looking now. There's that too.

I was stuck on this section for quite a while, just staring at it. But by spending the day yesterday putting models together, I got my head out of it long enough to be able to hit it fresh and finish off the last half of it today. The page count is now 8 instead of 13, and the rules count has dropped from 63 to 45.

I had put in Overwatch as a way for low-Initiative units to shoot in the Movement Phase, where they'll be selected first. But while that idea worked, it wasn't quite right, since its utility for high-Initiative units was limited. In real life, overwatch means "covering fire". This was more like "desperation fire".

So after re-reading the new command distance rules, I suddenly had a cool idea. Instead of forcing an Overwatching unit to choose between shooting and a movement order, why not just let them shoot however many models they want, and then have the rest be free (within command restrictions) to get a movement order afterward?

At last, I'm happy with it!

One big change is how At The Double orders work. They're technically two Advance orders done back-to-back, so you'll work out any movement penalties or advantages for them separately. That way if you run over a hill, you're only slowed down on the first Advance. This has subtle but important implications for other rules too.

All that nonsense about certain obstacles or heights being ignored, or launched off of, based on the model's base size is gone too. Base size is still important for a lot of stuff (encouraging bases that are right-sized by having advantages and disadvantages to big bases), but now the rules for crossing obstacles, climbing things, or dropping down from a ruin are all much more consistent.

Thoughts? Typos? Let me have it!

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