Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Rolling Right Along...

Three pages. I had just three pages left in the Action Phase to revise and I thought I was done. Then, like a Rubik's Cube when you can't get the last 2 squares to line up right, I found myself revising parts of other rules sections so that I can come back to the Action Phase.


Well, after tidying everything up I double-checked some rules interactions and discovered that I'd defined the same rule twice in different sections, gotten the titles of the kill and casualty allocation rolls confused in my head, and the section on rolling didn't actually include all of the odd tests in the game.

Silly me.

So here's the new die rolling section with its extra page of rules and a very creepy robot illustration.

I'm giving myself the rest of this week to finish up this revision, which has gone way beyond some simple edits, and will be different enough from the last pre-alpha that it could be a new game edition for any other wargame.

Then comes the speed-painting of models and terrain for Gencon. I'll have not-quite 3 weeks to get that done. 


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