Friday, May 11, 2018

New Play Overview

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I've been a busy beaver these last few days. Deleting lots of rules that we don't need, adding a few that we do, and working on presenting some of the new/odd things in our game that players won't be used to from playing other games, and dealing with bad rules interactions that Stelek has helped me find. The next Pre-Alpha PDF release is going to be quite different indeed.

I had a demo game on Wednesday with a local player who's in the military, and he got very confused by some of the terms that I was using in the game, and what they mean to him in real life. To grok it all, he needed some very deep explanations for why I'd decided have certain things work they way they do in WarStrike.

Sure, that's an extreme case, and the majority of my testers have picked up the mechanics very quickly. But most do get at least a little confused by Initiative, or some of the roll-low tests, so I've seen a need for presenting the concepts for these things in a "Basics" chapter before they get into the actual turn rules.

This will also let me shrink down the rules for each phase quite a bit, since I won't have to explain Initiative, or common ways of rolling the dice, as I go.

I'm also pulling out as many non-Sci-Fi images as I can, though new miniature photographs will have to wait until I have enough Anvil Industries minis painted up to take new pics with.


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