Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Setting Up A Game

Yeah, on Sunday I said that I was done with the "Basic Rules" chapter. But then I decided that chapter needed a section on how to set up a battle (which was mostly done already) and that it should include the very basic "Training Day" mission.


Because I never quite felt that this stuff belonged with the full competitive mission descriptions. Which are neither done, nor on my plate as being essential for the Gencon testing. Where we'll be running smaller games on a 4'x4' table anyway, so that we can squeeze in more demos per hour.

I also wanted to, and have been, pulling various rules out of the turn chapter, and introducing them earlier in the basics chapter. So the the turn chapters aren't so daunting, and the things that players might want to know early, or might get easily confused by, are presented in a more easily grokked order.

The first four pages are pretty much unchanged from the last Pre-Alpha PDF.

Pages 39-42 (as currently numbered, there's fluff in the front of the book that will be pulled out before I release the next Pre-Alpha) have clearer, updated, and color-matching diagrams. The rules for the mission are also formatted properly, and there's another infinity-infinity rule. This one says that the rules for a mission always override any other rule in the book.

You'll also notice that all of the rules for Objectives are collected together on page 40. These used to be in the Starting Phase section, but the Starting Phase is now the End Phase. So it makes more sense to define all of that here.

Finally, there's the mission mobility section, which is pretty much unchanged from before.


All feedback is useful. Especially finding typos and pointing out things you do or don't like. I have a very thick skin, so you're not going to insult me by pointing out a mistake. :)


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