Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Ok... Maybe One Rules Overhaul... And Gencon!

Ok, so I was making notes in iBooks Author for the relatively simple rules tweaks that I was planning to make as a result of last weekend's testing. But as I was doing that, I thought back to the demos I'd just done, and what players had stumbled over conceptually.

So I took a look at the way the book was structured, and in particular the introductory sections. I then realized that I wasn't presenting the major concepts in a clear and concise way. Particularly for the floating Initiative system, which was actually summarized twice in two different sections.

As a result, I'm shifting the chapters around a bit. I'm also going to yank most of the rules for shooting at, or melee-attacking buildings and obstacles. Since I can see that they're not really needed in the game. The moving and shooting dynamics are more than enough to think about, and thus the building/obstacle stuff is adding a bunch of bloat that's not going to be important to the players' enjoyment.

Plus, I just submitted WarStrike to the First Exposure Playtest Hall at Gencon. If we're approved, the rules and test materials being polished will count for more than the fluff... for now.


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