Monday, January 28, 2013

Cleaning Up Our Line Of Sight Terminology

Fallout NV (Fan Art), Randall Kite
I'm working on the Line of Sight Rules Today. As part of that, I'm cleaning up the language for LoS states a bit, so 'Concealment' doesn't mean 2-3 different things.

So here's the new terminology:


The target unit/model is running without worrying about hugging terrain. Or is being targeted from a higher elevation. Or is standing on pavement (which that model Snap-Fire after moving At The Double, as a tradeoff).

-1 Evasion

Clear Shots

The target unit/model is moving/standing normally, attempting to keep it's head down.

No bonus or penalty to Evasion
Obscured Targets

The firing unit knows where the target is generally, but can only make out a few individual models easily. They're either on the edge of a Wood (Concealing Terrain), standing in Obscuring Terrain (Bogs, Fields), or they're on a higher elevation (Hill, Building, or Ruin Level).

+1 Evasion
Concealed Target

The firing unit sort of knows generally where the enemy is, but can't really make out individual models at all. The target is standing fully within Concealing Terrain (Woods, Ruins), or is behind Concealing Terrain.
Units behind a hill (any height) are also concealed. Unless the firer is on a higher elevation AND can see 100% of the target model's base in a TLoS test.
  • +2 Evasion (Does not stack with Obscurement)
  • Firer must be within Aw range in order to target a Concealed unit.
Hidden Target

In a True Line Of Sight test, the target is completely hidden from the view of the firing unit by a Ruin wall, a Building wall, a hill taller than the model, or a big linear/point obstacle. Trees or other moveable pieces of terrain within an area terrain base don't count. To get this bonus, the model must be completely hidden from ALL models in the firing unit.

+3 Evasion (Does not stack with Obscurement or Concealment)
Hard Cover

The target is standing anywhere in Ruins, or is in Base To Base contact with the back side of a solid linear or point obstacle (stone wall, sandbags, etc.).
  • +1 Toughness
  • May also be Obscured (walls), or concealed (Ruins, most Point Obstacles), or hidden (Buildings, Ruin Walls).


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