Wednesday, January 9, 2013

So... What's Up?

I'm currently working on the updated Movement Rules. But I wanted to take a breather here and ask you, the readers, about something that's starting to bother me. Which has been the general lack of feedback lately.

On the one hand, our traffic is growing. We're getting hits, and folks are reading the posts. So there's definitely interest. Whenever I post something new, the hits shoot up very nicely.

But... nobody, aside from Krox, is commenting. At first, I decided it was just everyone being busy with the tail-end of the holidays, as I know one regular commenter is. But now I'm starting to worry a bit. Without honest feedback and criticism from you, the readers (not just the regulars, but ALL of you), this project is going to be very difficult to pull off.

So... Am I doing something wrong? Has the project taken a turn that you don't like? Is it impossible to follow what's happening now? This is your chance to tell me whatever is on your mind.

Anything goes. Be honest! Your feedback is what motivates me to keep working on M42. I don't mind criticisms. Only silence bothers me. :)

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