Saturday, January 26, 2013

Testing The Bridgehead Mission

I went over to Games 2D4 this afternoon and played a test game with ScottyDon't, who's an old 40K hand. I gave him the choice between Exfiltration and Bridgehead as missions, and he chose Bridgehead.

Actually, just the very idea of a 'Stargate Battle' mission had a couple of other guys in the store pretty excited. So I can see that we HAVE to make this mission work. :)

Anyway... I played the Attacker, and Scotty was the Defender. The game was over pretty quick, as only having one unit on-table at the start of the game was pretty crippling. We only made it to turn 3 before I gave up. :)

We decided that I probably needed 2 units deployed on-table instead of one (Probably the Commander + 1 more). Plus the units coming through the portal really need to be able to fire on the same turn they come on. So I'll just re-write it so that arriving units are just performing either an Advance or an At The Double order.

The Defender may need some sandbags for his single deployed on-table unit too. To keep them from being automatically shot off the table.

We did manage to have some Close-Combat. With both of us deciding that Suppression Markers shouldn't be removed in Close Combat for successful Ld rolls.

Thoughts? Questions?

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