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Shooting Overview (Ver. 0.5)

Here's the updated Shooting Overview from the rulebook.

As you and your opponent’s forces close in on one another, the air will vibrate and thunder with the reports of your shots. Lasers will silently cut through the stillness like glittering knives, and luminous bolts of heated plasma will boil away anything that stands in their path. Welcome to Shooting!
Who Can Shoot?
Any of your units that has ranged weapons or powers, and which has chosen to perform an action that allows shooting, may fire it’s ranged weapons at the enemy.

The Shooting Sequence
After you have selected an action for a unit that allows you to shoot, the process itself is very straightforward.
  1. Select Your Target Unit
  2. Check Range & Line of Sight (LoS)
  3. Select Your Target Model
  4. Roll Your Shots
    • Attacker Rolls To Hit
    • Defender Rolls Saves
    • Attacker Rolls To Kill
  5. Remove Dead Models
  6. Add Suppression
1. Select Your Target Unit
To shoot the enemy, you have to select one of your opponent’s units as your target. Friendly models may not be targeted.

2. Check Range & LoS
Your models will also need to be able to ‘see’ their target. Their weapons will also need enough range to make the shot.

Obviously, your models will not be able to tell you if they can see their foes, so you will have to determine this yourself using the Line of Sight rules. Which cover what units can be seen, and how hard it will be to hit them with your shots.

3. Select Your Target Model(s)
Once you’ve figured out if you can target the enemy, you must pick a single model in that unit to be the target for your weapons. If you intend from some weapons to shoot different target models (or units), then you must declare these before you roll your shots.

4. Roll Your Shots
Once you have determined that you can see the enemy, and determined that your weapons are able to reach your target, it’s time to roll some dice!

First, you will roll to see if you hit the enemy. Then your opponent will get a saving throw to determine if his models’ armor stopped the shots.

Much of the time, that’s it. A failed save will mean a dead model. But some models are a bit tougher (or are dug in), and will require a third roll to see if you did enough damage with your shot to put them down. This is the Roll To Kill.

5. Remove Dead Models
If you do kill or destroy some enemy models with your shooting, your opponent will need to remove them from play. Some models though, will have to remain where they are. Either because their wreck/carcass can provide protection for other models, or for other gameplay reasons.

6.   Add Suppression
Even if you fail to kill a single enemy model, the shots you throw at them will still have an effect on their ability to fight. This is known as Suppression, and it’s tracked with counters known as Suppression Markers (SM’s). The more SM’s a unit has, the harder it will be for them to follow your orders and hit their targets.

Suppression is a huge part of M42 and it’s gameplay. The rules for which are detailed in the Suppression Section.

(end rules)


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