Friday, January 18, 2013

Unit Stat Cards Are Done (For Now)

Here are the final Unit Stat Cards that we'll be using for testing later today (more after the jump). I've also linked to a PDF of the cards under 'M42 Rules' at the right of the blog. That should make it easier to load and flip through them on a phone or tablet.

As far as changes, you'll notice that I've added a Throw (Tr) stat for things like grenades and bombs. You'll also notice that Strength (Str) is broken out into a unit stat and a weapon modifier. Both of these changes will allow the weapon listings to be consistent between different cards. Which should help folks memorize them over time.

Data-wise, the cards are now linked to a spreadsheet full of manually entered data.  Right now I'm constructing the tables and links that will make that data easier to edit/tweak automatically, and feed numeric balancing tests. Now that the final output format is designed, it's much easier to work back from that, than it was to try and work the data from the other end. :)

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