Saturday, May 19, 2012

Balance: General Squad Ratios Between Factions

The County Election, George Caleb Bingham, 1851
Sandwyrm here. The results of the poll are in, and they're both reassuring and a bit surprising.

It looks like I wasn't too far afield from the majority when I proposed a 5:1 'fair fight' ratio between Regular Army troops and Knights. But that is a wider spread of opinion than I expected. I also didn't expect the 6:1 and 10:1 options to be as popular as they were.

So we'll go with 5:1, and make sure that any deviations err on the lower 4:1 side instead of going any higher.

Based on this I've come up with the following base unit sizes for balanced fights between units from each faction:

This are just preliminary numbers to give us a place to start in our thinking. Feel free to argue them in the comments, as I'm not particularly attached to any of them. I'm mostly interested in coming up with general ratios of this versus that.

If you feel like we need to add anything to this list for initial balance testing, feel free to offer up suggestions for those too!

The Colser are going to be a many-headed beast of different army types. From freaky ultra-elite monster forces to mobs of other strange things. So it's best if we stick to the more traditional pointy-eared achetypes in our initial testing. Once our system for evaluating units is more nailed down, we can start adding the freaky stuff in. :)


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