Saturday, May 5, 2012

Rumors And Recruiting

Rumors, Nejma Terchani
SandWyrm here. I'm on Tasty-Taste's mailing list, so I get to hear about all of his rumors at the same time the big blogs do. Whether it's the 6th Edition rulebook 'Leak' or the latest mumblings from last night about GW remaking 40K into 8th Edition Fantasy's twin brother, complete with random charge distances and random terrain effects. Expect those to hit the big sites today or tomorrow. It's going to generate a lot of discontent in the player base. Especially the competitive community.

While this can be a great opportunity for us to attract new members and attention, I want to discourage everyone from simply running out to BoLS or Blood of Kittens to post dozens of messages about how awesome an alternative we are. Because we have to be smart about it. We WILL be an awesome alternative in 3-6 months, but right now our development hasn't progressed far enough that we can crow too loudly. We need to attract CONTRIBUTORS, not just complainers. Or else nothing will get done on the project.

So how do we make sure we attract the right sort of attention? Pay attention to the context of the discussion you're in. If you're on a blog where everyone is complaining, but not suggesting changes or alternative rules, then don't wave the flag. Because those folks will just come over here and complain instead about how we aren't just like the game they're complaining about. We're working to help them in the long term, but they can't really help us at this point.

On the other hand, if the discussion you're in is civil, and the comments offer thoughtful alternatives for what GW could be doing, then absolutely wave the flag. Those are the folks we need! Just don't overdo it. If the folks in the discussion take an interest, by all means answer questions. But if they don't take an interest, don't push it. You waved the flag, they saw it, and maybe it will make a difference later.

So What Types Of Contributors Do We Need?

We have a nice, tight 4-man rules committee now. So I don't see a lot of need for more ideas there. But there are other places where we're definitely lacking. So if you can help with any of the following, send me an email. If you know someone who might be interested in helping, introduce them to the project and have them send me an email when they're ready to help out.

Let's list what talents I'm currently looking for to grow the team:

1) Fluff Writers

I've got Oblivion heading this up, but he's not going to be able to do it alone. We need more and better stories to tell!

2) Concept Artists

We need folks who are talented image-makers to take our stories and add vision. What do the Colserans or the Genii look like? What about the Grùn or the Humans? What kinds of fantastic worlds do they inhabit?

It's wide open at this point. Any artists we can attract will have the chance to define our visual style from the get-go. Their visions can become our visions. We can't offer any money right now, but we can offer control and the ability to break new ground! Ever want to be an Art Director? You can! Right here and now.

3) Business And Legal Expertise

I could really use some help in setting up the business end of things. I'm wading through it, but time saved there is time I can devote to other things. If you're located close to Indianapolis, Indiana USA, that would be a huge plus.

That's the list for now. Now go out and... be selective. :)

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