Friday, May 11, 2012

Standard Shooting Modifiers

Wild Duck Shooting, William T. Ranney
SandWyrm here. Whew! Burned a whole day today downgrading the OS on my Macbook, but OSX Lion is a real stinker, so it had to be done. I guess every company has their Vista sooner or later. :)

Anyhow, I'm working on the rest of the terrain rules, but I think I need to cover the standard shooting modifiers first, or else some of what I cover won't make much sense.

For those that aren't up to speed, all comparative tests will use the following chart:

The '-' character means you can't do it. The 'a' character means you succeed automatically. So a BS4 model shooting at a Ev4 model would need a 4 to hit. Just like 40K, but without the hand-holding of 1's always failing and 6's almost always succeeding. :)

+1 Evasion for Concealment

Units that are entirely within certain types of concealing terrain, are on a higher level than an opponent, or which have special camo tech, are considered to be concealed. This represents units which are hard to see.
+1 Evasion for Gone To Ground

Any infantry unit which doesn't move or shoot is automatically considered to have gone-to-ground. This represents them keeping their heads down and maximizing their use of available cover. Unlike 40K, you can move as normal in your following turn.

-1 Evasion for Being Exposed

If you're standing on a landing platform, a road, or are on a lower level than your opponent, this rule will kick in.

+1 Toughness for Hard Cover

This represents the advantage of being behind rocks or concrete walls instead of being behind bushes. Stronger weapons are needed to punch through.

+1 Toughness for Being Dug In.

Infantry may dig in during their movement phase. This represents them digging foxholes or rearranging local objects into barricades behind which they can hide.

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