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Movement - Part 1: Moving Models (Updated)

Wildly Moving Waters, Miki
SandWyrm here. Time to share the first part of my Movement rules. It's in more of an outline form because I expect there to be a lot of high-level changes to what I've written. Based on our discussions about them.

Moving Models

(Note: All models on the table will belong to a unit, even if there is only one model in the unit.)

(Edit: I've made some changes based on our discussion. These are marked in orange.)
  1. Units may ‘Advance’ a number of inches equal to their Movement (Mv) characteristic. They’re considered to be moving ‘cautiously’ when they do this.

  2. Units may move ‘At The Double’ a number of inches equal to double their Mv.
    1. Moving ATD allows enemy units to re-roll their misses when shooting at the moving unit reduces a unit's Evasion (Ev) by 1 point. Because they’re sacrificing caution for speed.
      1. If a unit normally gets to re-roll misses, they get double shots instead.
    2. Units moving ATD may not fire in the shooting phase.

    3. Units may not move ATD within 12" of any model from an enemy unit.
  3. When moving the unit, measure only the unit’s leader.
    1. Determine which models in the unit are within Command Distance (CD) of the leader. The CD is based on the equal to twice unit’s Ld value. So a unit with a Ld value of 3 would have a command distance (radius) of 6".
    2. Units with the 'Swarm' rule have no set leader. Instead, select any model in the unit to be the 'Leader' for this movement phase.
    3. The Unit’s leader must be moved first. He may not be moved after any other model in the unit has moved.
    4. If the unit’s leader is not within CD of at least half of the unit’s models, he may not moved at all.
    5. After the unit’s leader is placed (or not moved)...
      1. Any model that started within command distance of the leader may...
        1. Move anywhere within command distance of the unit leader. Even if the total distance moved exceeds the unit’s Mv value.
          1. But may not move within 2” of an enemy unit/model unless the unit’s leader has first moved into assault with an enemy unit.
        2. Not move at all. This allows models to be ‘dropped’ to provide supporting fire. However they are still considered to be part of the unit for all tests and purposes.
      2. Any model that started outside of command distance (OoCD) of the unit leader may...
        1. Move closer to the unit leader.
          1. If the OoCD models move ‘At The Double’, then the entire unit shall be considered to have moved ‘At The Double’ and may not fire in the shooting phase.
        2. Remain in their current position.

    6. If the unit's Leader has been killed, the rest of the unit may not move. Nor may they counter-attack or consolidate their position in assaults.
      1. Exceptions:
        1. Knights can always pick a new leader when one is killed.
        2. Grün can always counter-attack and consolidate during assaults.
  4. Moving Into Assault
    1. Unless moving into assault, no model in a unit may move closer than 2” to any enemy model.
    2. A unit shall be considered to have moved into assault with an enemy unit if that unit’s leader model ends it’s movement in contact with any enemy model of another unit. The rest of the unit may then move within 2” of any enemy unit, subject to the normal restrictions on movement (must be in CD of the unit’s leader, etc.)
    3. Once all assault moves for the army are completed, the opponent will get an opportunity to conduct defensive fire with all models within 12 inches of an assaulting unit model.
    4. Only models which actually achieve contact with the enemy, or are within a certain distance (2”?) of an model in contact with the enemy will be allowed to fight in the assault. The rest may fire Assault Weapons (a weapon type) into the combat if they're within 6" of an engaged model.
    5. All models within Command Distance of the unit leader MUST move as close as possible (Command Distance Permitting) to contact with an enemy model.

There you go! Chew away! :)

My next post will be on terrain effects.

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