Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Final Unit Reference Format

Whew! Been busy lately! My 6 year old had hernia surgery yesterday, which went well, but was pretty draining because he was in so much pain afterwards. We also had family in town to help out since the weekend. Combined with the disruptions from the living room flood, well... I just haven't had much time for updates that, like the Prophet-Speech, I couldn't work on 15 minutes at a time between other stuff that I had to do.

Things have settled down a bit now though, and I can get a few things done at least on the game. I'm working on finishing up the shooting outline. Then I want to get back to the unit stats/balancing and the re-writing of the rules using the new outlines.

But here's something that I do have to show:

This is the final format that I'm going to go with for now on the unit/model stats. Don't get caught up in the numbers or the special rules. They're just filler.

Concentrate instead on the format itself. Is it clear? Or is it just confusing?

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