Monday, November 5, 2012

Updated Test Chart, Woes

What's Wrong?, John S. Cheung
Well, that weekend could have gone better. On Friday our (relatively new) furnace went out and had to be repaired - twice. Then I shuffle up from the basement at midnight on Saturday to go to bed; only to notice that there's a brand new waterfall in my front living room.

One of the kids left the tap running on an upstairs sink with a slow drain. So untold gallons of (hot) water flooded the entire bathroom before soaking through the floor and then flooding a good bit of the living room beneath. We now have 2 industrial dehumidifiers and a dozen high-speed fans about the house drying everything out for another couple of days. After that we'll start the repairs.

At least the basement is quiet.

I did manage to get a few things done on the game despite all this. Here's an updated comparative test chart to use on the reference sheet for the tests:

And the notes/instructions:
To-Hit Rolls
Normal Shooting:
                        Compare the Attacker’s BS to the Target’s Evasion (Ev).
                        +1 Ev if the Target is Concealed.
                        +1 Ev if the Target is Gone-To-Ground (GtG).
                        +1 Ev if the Target is Outside the Attacker’s Awareness (Aw) Range.
            Close-Combat Shooting:
                        Compare the Attacker’s BS to the Target’s Ev.
                        +1 Ev if the Target is Concealed and/or GtG.

6+6 Rule
            Impossible Shots:
                        Rolling a 6, and then another 6, always hits the target.
            Normal Shots:
                        Rolling a 6, and then another 6, lets the Attacker allocate those hits.
            Automatic Shots:
                        Target is hit automatically. Rolling a 6 lets the attacker allocate those hits.

Armor Saves
            Normal & Close-Combat Shooting:
                        Compare Defender’s Armor (Ar) to attacking weapon’s AP.
                        If Target has no Armor (Ar = 0), use Ev (with modifiers) instead.
            Melee Attacks:
                        Compare Defender’s Ar to attacking weapon’s AP.
                        If Target has no Armor, Target is penetrated automatically.
            1+6 Rule For Automatic Saves:
                        If the Defender rolls a 1 on his save, an Attacker roll of 6 will always penetrate.
Obvious & Non-Obvious Rules Changes:
  1. Range bands are out. We're going to say that if the target isn't within you're Awareness range, it's a long range shot. I'm doing this to simplify the unit profiles and reduce the amount of stuff that you have to remember.
  2. You won't get more than a 1-point Evasion bonus in Close Combat. Even if you're GtG.
  3. No more Auto-Miss if you roll a 1 followed by another 1. It's a game slower, and isn't nearly as important as being able to get off the odd impossible shot with a 6+6.
  4. If you would normally hit automatically, you just have to roll a 6 to allocate the hit.
  5. Switched up the rule for impossible armor penetrations from don't roll 2 ones in a row to letting the attacker try and roll a 6 if the defender rolls a 1. Not as elegant maybe, but I think that it will be more fun.
Stuff I'm Considering:

I'm starting to wonder if we should go to a more finely grained 6+n system. Such that if you need to roll a 7 to-hit, you would need to roll a 6+2. While for a 9, you would need to roll a 6+4.  Dunno yet. But I'm not going to be making any changes here anytime soon. Just thinking about it. :)


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