Monday, November 26, 2012

New Movement Outline

Marching Ruffians, Wladyslaw Skoczylas
Ok, I've worked up an outline of the new movement rules, as well as an update to the Actions that use them.

a.     There are 2 basic types of movement.
                                               i.     Orderly Movement
1.     In Orderly Movement, only the unit leader’s move is measured.
2.     Once the Leader has moved, any models that were within 6” of the unit leader before it moved are simply placed anywhere within 6” of the leader’s final position.
3.     Models that did not start their move within 6” of the unit leader follow the rules for disorderly movement (below).
4.     Models in Orderly movement do not have to remain within 2” of another model in the unit so long as they are within 6” of the unit leader.
5.     Units using Ordered Movement may move through Area Terrain or across Linear Obstacles without penalty.
6.     Single-model units are always assumed to be in ordered movement.
                                             ii.     Disorderly Movement
1.     In Disordered Movement, each model’s movement is measured individually.
2.     Each model must attempt to remain within 2” of another member of it’s unit.
a.     If a model cannot end it’s move within 2” of another model in it’s unit, it is considered to be out of command.
b.     Out of command models must either remain where they are, or move closer to their unit leader at up to double their base Mv.
c.     Partial moves towards the leader are OK, as are indirect moves. But a disordered model cannot end a move further from it’s unit leader than it was before it moved.
3.     Models in disorderly movement may not move further than their base Mv if their move begins in, ends in, or crosses a linear obstacle or a piece of area terrain.
4.     Models in disorderly movement may move more than their base Mv value if their move begins on a bare hill and ends on the table, without crossing a linear obstacle or a piece of area terrain other than the bare hill itself.

Note that the Out Of Command model rules would allow us to drop weapons teams and portions of squads and allow them to catch back up.

And here's the updated actions:

a.     Open Fire!
                                               i.     The unit leader may make a normal move, but the rest of the unit may not move at all (Intended to allow the leader to get LoS on a new target).
                                             ii.     Unit may Point Fire at a target visible to the leader.
b.     Advance!
                                               i.     Orderly Movement
                                             ii.     Movement takes place either before or after unit fires.
                                            iii.     Unit fires at ½ RoF.
                                            iv.     Pistols get full RoF.
                                             v.     Leader may move up his full Mv.
                                            vi.     Unit may move through area terrain or over obstacles normally.
c.     Rally!
                                               i.     Orderly Movement.
                                             ii.     Leader may not move.
                                            iii.     The rest of the unit’s models may be placed anywhere within 12” of the leader instead of the normal 6”.
                                            iv.     Unit may shoot at ½ RoF.
                                             v.     Pistols get full RoF
d.     At The Double!
                                               i.     Disorderly Movement
                                             ii.     Unit may not shoot (except pistols, which get ½ RoF).
                                            iii.     Models in area terrain or crossing obstacles may only move at their base Mv.
                                            iv.     Models not crossing area terrain or obstacles may move up to 2 x their base Mv.
e.     Go To Ground!
                                               i.     Unit may not shoot.
                                             ii.     Unit gets +1 Evasion
                                            iii.     Gone To Ground is not persistent. A new order must be passed each turn to remain GtG.
f.      Fall Back!
                                               i.     Only order allowed to units that fail their Ld check.
1.     If the Unit has >50% of it’s starting models...
a.     Unit may either fire at ½ of it’s RoF, OR move at ½ of it’s Mv. But not both.
b.     One-handed weapons may still shoot at their full RoF IF the unit does not move.
c.     Movement may be either toward, or away from, the enemy.
2.     If the Unit has <50% of it’s starting models...
a.     Unit may not fire at all.
b.     Is the unit currently concealed from all enemy units within it’s Aw range?
                                                                                                     i.     If so, the unit does not move. It gains +1 Ev, and +1 toughness. But it may not Snap-Fire at enemy units during the Opponent’s next Action Phase.
                                                                                                   ii.     If not, the unit MUST move towards the nearest concealed position that is not closer to any part of an enemy unit than it is to any part of their own unit.
1.     If no such position exists, the unit must move towards it’s own table edge.
2.     The unit must move as far as possible towards the concealed position (or table edge); at up to 2x it’s normal movement. If any model has to move further than 1xMv to reach concealment, then then the entire unit may be fired upon using the snap fire rules.
3.     Models will not end their moves in dangerous terrain. If models must cross dangerous terrain in order to reach the table edge, then they will cross it completely or they will stop short of crossing it.
4.     Units which reach the table edge while falling back are removed from play. If the unit has >25% of it’s models remaining, then it does not count as destroyed for scoring or Task Force Morale purposes. If it has <25% of it’s models remaining (because of Snap Fire kills, for instance), it does count as destroyed.
3.     If the Unit has <25% of it’s starting models...
a.     The Unit is considered destroyed and removed from the table.


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