Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Have A Look: LaansKnight FOC Concept

After far more work than I expected, here it is. A concept for what our Force Organization Charts might look like. This one's more crowded than what we would probably launch with. But I wanted to show what sort of fluff-driven options might be made available as the game matures.

How To Use This FOC

Ok, so you're wondering how to build a list. First off, this is a FOC for a regular LaansKnight platoon. We would have others for Paladin Platoons, Scouting Platoons, Drop Pod forces, and other options. Each customized for flavor and game balance.

Starting off, you have to take the required units, which are the black boxes with the white outlines. So you get a Platoon HQ, and 2 squads. Looking at the boxes for the squads, they can be either Assault Squads or Tactical Squads (mix to taste). One choice per box. Exactly what you're buying, their options, and what they cost, are listed elsewhere. This is just the FOC that says what you can buy.

After you buy the minimums, you're free to start adding more units. You have an option for 2 more squads in your base platoon. One of which is a Weapons Squad. They have Plasma Guns for taking out other Knights.

If you want to add a unit from Company, Battalion, or Allied support. You have to start buying officers. The Company HQ only lets you take Company support choices. A Battalion HQ unlocks both the Company and the Battalion support (see the arrows?). Taking the 'Special Liaison' from the Church unlocks everything. They get to tell Colonels and Captains what to do. :)

Note that you don't lose your Platoon HQ, you always have them. If you add another officer though, they become your Task Force Commander and Platoon Leader becomes their second in command during the mission.

Some Subtleties To Point Out

The Battalion options are all LaansGuard. Knights don't deploy in anything larger than companies. So all of your super-Knight options are lower in the hierarchy.

Note that we can also use the Allies portion of the FOC to introduce previews of other races. Such as the 'Colseran Turncoat', who would provide an introduction to the weird and wonderful Colser without having to do up an entire army of them.

As for Colseran turncoats. I tend to imagine something like Skadi from The Avengers: Fear Itself series. :)

Oh, and don't take this FOC, or the units it shows as available, as Gospel. It's a preliminary concept. Not a tested set of rules.


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