Thursday, November 1, 2012

Updated Outline: Set-Up & Starting Phase

I'm working on a new comprehensive game outline. Here's the Set-Up and Starting Phases.

For reference, right now we have 3 phases to each player turn:

  1. Starting Phase (Housekeeping & Victory Conditions)
  2. Action Phase (Movement & Shooting)
  3. Close Combat (Hand-To-Hand Combat + moving/shooting within 6")
With that in mind, here's the outlines for our game setup (for testing), and the Starting Phase.

I)     Game Set-Up (Basic Test Mission)
a.     Place Terrain
                                               i.     12-14 terrain pieces work best.
                                             ii.     At Least one Wood or Ruin in the Center of the table.
b.     Place Objectives
                                               i.     2 Objectives Per Side, 4 Objectives Total
                                             ii.     Each Player Has 2 Objectives 12” from each short edge and 9” from the long edge.
c.     Deploy Task Forces
                                               i.     Players roll off to determine who places first.
                                             ii.     Winner places one unit, both players then alternate placing units until all units are placed.
                                            iii.     Task Force Commanders must be placed last.
d.     Roll Off To Determine Attacker.
                                               i.     Winner is the Attacker, and has first turn.
                                             ii.     Loser is the Defender.
1.     The Defender’s units are considered to be Gone-To-Ground until the Starting Phase of the Defender’s First Turn.

II)   Starting Phase
a.     Check Task Force Morale
                                               i.     If the player’s Task Force has lost >50% of it’s units, the TFC (Task Force Commander) must take a Ld check.
                                             ii.     If the test is passed, nothing happens.
                                            iii.     If the test is failed, the player’s Task Force immediately retreats from the field, losing the game.
b.     Check Victory Conditions
                                               i.     If player controls any enemy objective at the start of his turn, his Task Force wins the game.
1.     Must be within 3” of an enemy objective.
2.     Must be no enemy models within 3” of the same objective.

Pretty simple, but the Action Phase is too long and complex to have in the same post with this. :)


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