Friday, November 9, 2012

Rules Change For Splitting Fire

I'm currently updating the shooting outline, and have decided to change how splitting fire works so that it's less random and makes the unit leaders more important.

Instead of re-posting the action outlines, I'll just summarize the change:

Previously, if your selected action allowed you to split fire, you had to make a Ld check to fire at each enemy unit beyond the first. The yes/no nature of this feels too random to me.

So instead...

The general rule will be that your leader must be able to see the target that his unit is shooting at. Else the target gets +1 to their Evasion.

If your unit is shooting at more than one target, then the first target that the leader can see can be shot at normally. But any additional targets get the +1 Evasion because he can only concentrate his order-giving on one target at a time.

The exception would be the 'Open Fire' order. Where you can split fire as much as you like without the +1 Evasion for the target. So long as your leader can see each of the targets being shot at. Because everyone isn't moving around, it's easier for him to coordinate his men.


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